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A quality mould for quality production

Our design office accompanies projects to create or finalise the parts to be produced.

The mould is designed with the greatest care and a meticulous analysis of the parts is carried out for each project, so as to rule out any anomalies from the outset.

A study of the feeding and filling system of the parts to be produced is essential; thanks to computer simulations, we can guarantee the high quality of the products that can be obtained in the process.

The mould is manufactured in full compliance with the specifications and recommendations of the design office. The design office closely monitors the manufacturing process and carries out numerous tests in order to obtain an optimal mould.

Injection Alu HPDC - BAM

Injection Alu HPDC - BAM
Injection Alu HPDC - BAM

Our design office experts are at your disposal to assist you in the development and production of your prototypes: feasibility studies, optimisation of mechanical characteristics, design of industrial equipment, etc.