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High Pressure die-casting (HPDC)
Machining & assembly

Medium series and large series, prototypes, & turnkey products

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Business Alu Masué Business Alu Masué

60 years of experience serving customer requirements.

Founded in 1955 by Paul MASUÉ, the foundry was mainly dedicated to Zamac injection.
In 1965, thanks to Daniel MASUÉ, the foundry developed around aluminium injection.
In 1996, the MASUÉ foundry strengthened its experience and production with CNC machining, which increased the possibilities and control of its production.

In 2013 Bronze Alu, seeking a better expertise in aluminum work, acquired the MASUÉ foundry.

In 2017, ICM Technologies, represented by Bruno JANVIER, former CEO of Bronze Alu, becomes the main shareholder of the MASUÉ foundry, now renamed Business Alu Masué.
ICM Technologies is modernizing the foundry to offer excellent production quality to its demanding customers.

The company's vision and strategy are geared towards growth based on customer support in the design and development of products mainly from aluminium foundry and also by developing the machining and assembly of components.

Since the acquisition in 2017, major investments have been made to modernize the foundry through robotics and automation in order to achieve quality, responsiveness and control of production.
Always in a quality approach, the company has equipped itself with paint finishing workshop and tampography (pad printing) to offer a turnkey solution.

The aim, through this technology, is to meet the requirements of our customers and address all markets of the small, medium, large series as well as the markets of prototypes.

Our customers are in sectors as varied as they are exciting - automotive, energy, appliances , ... -, all these sectors whose needs require a high level of project management.


All our know-how at the service of your production.


Our Techniques Our Techniques

The production of aluminium parts requires experience,
high standards and a great deal of preparation.

Injection Alu HPDC - BAM

Aluminium HPDC


Aluminium HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) is a process that can produce a wide range of possibilities, from very small parts to large, massive parts; all with a fast production start-up, while ensuring quality and precision.

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Bureau d'étude, conception moule Aluminium - BAM

Mould design

A quality mould for quality production

Our design office accompanies projects to create or finalise the parts to be produced.

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Mise en production Injection Alu - BAM

Production start-up

All stages of production

We ensure production, quality control and finishing for an optimal result..

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Fonderie HADOUX


In this dynamic of modernization of the foundry, we now have tools to meet your needs.

Presse injection - BAM - Business-Alu Masué

20 injection presses
50 - 1600 tonnes locking force

Our automatic injection presses from 50t to 1600t, assisted by robots, offer wide possibilities and a production reactivity.
Usinage - BAM - Business-Alu Masué

11 machining centers

Our digital machining centers offer excellent execution quality.
Tribofinition - BAM - Business-Alu Masué

Tribo-finishing & shot-blasting machines

For a flawless product, we have shot-blasting machines as well as automated tribo-finishing modules, installed directly within our production lines.
Peinture - BAM - Business-Alu Masué


In this desire to offer the best finish, we have the painting work done by a specialized workshop.
Tampographie - BAM - Business-Alu Masué

Pad printing

An excellent finish is appreciated in the details, concerned about this we have also invested in a pad printing workshop to meet your requests.

Les tests :

  • tightness
  • traction
  • hardness

Attentive to the quality of our customers' production, we carry out control tests such as air and helium sealing tests, traction and hardness.

Tridimensionnelle - BAM - Business-Alu Masué


Two three-dimensional machines, one of which is robotized.
Spectométrie - BAM - Business-Alu Masué


Spectrometer calibrated to analyse aluminium
Rayon X - BAM - Business-Alu Masué


X-ray, tomography and radioscopy testing booth

TAILOR-MADE products TAILOR-MADE products



With a design office and a qualified team, we support our clients in their creative process. Feasibility studies, production, etc.


We support our customers in the design and development of new parts. Mastering your project requires scrupulous steps, functional and detailed definition of the product and the realization of Prototype.


We carry out all the simulations before the production is set up.


Our productions Our productions

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